Monday, November 15, 2010

Boxers or Briefs

Just completed this run of North American guns for this coming Mavericks season. Really happy with the way they came out. Been really spending alot of time adapting and testing rockers and outlines over the years and feel like these guns have arrived at what i've been searching for.
From left to right they are.
8'10" deep swallow quad gun for myself. Got to test it out this weekend in some larger Ocean Beach. Felt really nice.

9'2" Pintail for My friend Johnny Bowlin. Only guy I've ever seen do a no paddle takeoff out at Mavericks.

9'8" for Ryan Seelbach. He's a madman.

10' deeps swallow quad for Nikoli. Got to watch him pull into a bus size barrel on it on Sat. He's stoked.

10'4" for myself.



KP's Round UP said...

Nice stuff Danny.

Unknown said...

these are so beautiful. i'm a huge fan of your work. i'm saving up next year for one.