Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My current Favorite

I've been really enjoying this Round-pin. Really smooth transitions through turns.
6'2"x 19.325"x 2.325"
It's setup to go as a quad/ thruster or five


Anonymous said...

I'm stoked on the 6'0" thumbtail quad you shaped for me. It is my current favorite for sure. Keep up the fine work.

danny said...

Hello there Daniel,
I'm stoked to hear your enjoying that board. It definitely inspired this one. We'll have to get together for a surf next time I pass through. Enjoy

unidentified said...

Really nice one.
RP Quads are really underated.
Yer right. The smoothness!
I'm a bonzerhead mostly, yet if i could get a Quad it'd be that one!!!
I really want to try one of yer crafts. there beauty!!!!

Unknown said...

A little off topic here, but I was wondering if you have any pics or info. on your kunkel fish? The website is great, but there isn't any info on that board...Awesome work BTW!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Danny! Your work is super impressive and looks better each time I see it. Keep it up!